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The Hyleg, Alcoccoden and the Length of Life in Ancient Astrology
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Astrallis v1.6 has been released. Astrallis is a unique application and the result of more than fifteen years of research in the field of Primary Directions. Astrallis is aimed to be effective, practical, and precise. Its objective is to provide astrologers with the best tools to unleash the power of prediction, the authentic and positive goal of Astrology.
Astrallis.chm help file.
Geocoding is the process of converting place names or addresses (like "Rome, Italy") into geographic coordinates (like latitude 41.9 and longitude 12.5). Astrallis uses gg.exe for geocoding.

gg.exe is a free application that uses the Google Static Maps API and the Google Geocoding API services, which are limited to 2,500 requests per day and per IP address without charge. For more detailed information see Google API terms of service.
Astrallis 1.0 Database (sqlite3) with more than 10,000 nativities including birth time, time zone, daylight saving time, and birthplace.
Astrallis - Primary Directions Software
Solar Time 1.5  freeware

Solar Time is a Windows desktop application that shows the true planetary hours, based on the true noon, sunrise, and sunset. You may have Solar Time anywhere on top of your desktop, make it transparent, or hide it in the system tray. More about Solar Time here.
The Hyleg, Alcoccoden and the Length Of Life in Ancient Astrology

The Hyleg and the Alcoccoden (Al-kadukhadah, Alchocoden, etc.) were the most important indicators of life in ancient and medieval astrology. The Hyleg was deemed to be the Giver of Life and the Alcoccoden was the Giver of Years. The Alcoccoden duty was to tell how many years the stars would give to the native. More...